At Sewell Farms we aim to farm simple and farm smart. Our rotations are simple, currently giving 50% first wheat and 50% break crops. Our crops are sown using minimum tillage which has been practised on all land since 1991. We believe that the soil is our most important asset and therefore treat it as such. Using a professional team of soil fertility experts we analyse our soils regularly and balance the nutrients so that the soil is able to grow the best possible crops with maximum yield.

We ensure that all land in stewardship schemes is managed in the correct way to maintain existing agreements and we see this as an important part of our business and our service to clients.

Our policy is to operate modern, high-capacity machinery which enables us to complete tasks quickly and when conditions are at their best.

All harvesting and cultivation machinery is run on low ground pressure tyres and/or tracks to preserve soil structures. This is vitally important in ensuring good root development in subsequent crops.

We apply fertiliser and pesticides with low ground pressure vehicles fitted with GPS for accuracy and efficiency, reducing waste and unnecessary overlaps, thus saving money.

Our main base at Warnhams Farm provides 3,500 tonnes of grain storage in on-floor stores and bins. We also have storage at Weald Granary. This allows us to send some of the grain off farm at harvest, adding to the flexibility we can offer to our clients and enabling us to maximise opportunities from quality premiums.

All machinery is maintained “in-house” in our well-equipped workshop by our dedicated fleet manager. This ensures all machines are in a first class condition when they arrive on your farm.

If you would like to view our operation and discuss how we can serve you, please contact Tom Sewell.